Filippa K

Filippa K

25 November, 2017


Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden.

As a frontrunner of both Swedish and sustainable fashion Filippa K has enjoyed tremendous global success.

Filippa K is the flagship and go-to image of Swedish fashion. Swedish quality fashion is defined by more than the sleek and minimalist design. The values that underly Swedish quality and fashion are nothing more than taken from the playbook of Filippa K. With new and innovative ways of both promoting and enabling circular fashion they have climbed to become a leader within sustainable fashion. The brand has enjoyed such tremendous global success that they must now be considered a frontrunner in both Swedish and sustainable fashion.

“Built on a backbone of entrepreneurial strength focused on style, simplicity and quality Filippa K rose from the kitchen table of its founder Filippa Knutsson to a pioneering brand in defining Scandinavian fashion. Today Filippa K is still a personal affair – early on defined as being ‘designed for ourselves and those around us'”. From

The brand’s impact on sustainable fashion as a business cannot be overlooked. With full traceability from cutting waste to garments. Fully committed to spreading sustainable fashion beyond their own brands, they host a web portal on circular fashion knowledge.

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“We offer a style rather than a trend, by creating timeless pieces and wardrobe favorites that can be used season after season.”

Interview With Sustainability Manager Elin LarssonMochni, February 2, 2016

“We call it “circular design,” where we value all our resources and try to create a natural cycle for our products.”

New Design Director of Menswear Walks Us Through the Latest CollectionHighnobiety, April 5, 2016

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