House of Dagmar

House of Dagmar

13 December, 2017


Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, US

The Dagmar woman is influential, conscious and equally intelligent and sensual.

House of Dagmar is a Swedish fashion brand created by three sisters – Karin Söderlind, Kristina Tjäder, and Sofia Wallenstam. The brand is named after the sisters’ late grandmother Dagmar, herself a tailor and great source of inspiration. The brand is sophisticated and architectural characterized by stylized natural forms, geometrical shapes, and utilitarian design. Knitwear is the signature product of House of Dagmar and forms the core of each collection.

The Dagmar woman is influential, conscious and equally intelligent and sensual. The clothes empower her and put elegance into her everyday garments, and leisure into her formal wear. Classic and innovative are two words defining House of Dagmar and Stockholm equally well. You find clothing made from materials that are kind to the environment, like lyocell and knitted wear from ecological alpaca.

House of Dagmar produces more and more products in Europe, making it possible for them to ship by boat instead of air. Another important philosophy is to ensure that the animals used for production are properly cared for. Manufacturers of merino wool are required to not use the painful method mulesing when collecting the wool.

Since the launch of House of Dagmar in the Spring of 2005, it’s unconventional and sophisticated style has been widely recognized by the fashion industry, as well as the press throughout Europe, United States, and Asia, receiving several prestigious design awards for its’ achievements.

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About House of Dagmar

“It is not realistic, instead we want to show a variation of fantastic women who are naturally beautiful and not retouched, says Kristina tjäder, Creative Director at Dagmar”

House of Dagmar stops retouching their models (Swedish)

Femina. July 7, 2017

“Our customer is conscious and invests in a wardrobe that can be worn in the long-term. At the same time, we want to offer a shopping experience that is better than the traditional sales experience.”

House of Dagmar launches a new digital vintage store (Swedish)

Chic. April 5, 2017.

“We have a clear CSR-policy and try to think about every step of the production process.”

Creative Director Kristina Tjäder

House of Dagmar. April 20th, 2016.


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