11 December, 2017



We can’t change the world by the clothes we make, but we can educate and inform our customers about the better, more sustainable choices for our planet.

SootSTHLM is a minimalistic slow fashion concept focusing on slowing down… Moving away from fast and cheap, we treasure quality over quantity and believe in acknowledging every person involved in the production of their clothes.

Fibers and fabric sourced with utmost care and thought. They give their customers classic, timeless pieces for the sustainable wardrobe.


A mother and daughter duo who in the summer of 2012 started the hight quality hosiery brand Legnology. Tights and leggings where quality, fit and comfort is key, always working with the environment in mind.

In 2016 SootSTHLM was launched as a complement to their tights at LEGNOLOGY. With the same philosophy as they have always worked after, that the better the make, the longer it lasts and the less we throw.

The long-lasting goal is to dress women and make them feel good inside out, while making sure we leave the smallest footprint possible on our planet. 

Visit SootSTHLM’s website.

About SootSTHLM

“Our work has a core of sustainable manufacturing and sourcing – from the choice of fabrics to production processes”

Duo launches new brand (Swedish)

October 16, 2016.

“Slow fashion at it’s best. SootSTHLM creates comfortable, timeless garments viable for every part of life. Day, night, work or party.”

SootSTHLM – slow fashion (Swedish)

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