ENERI Studios is the brain child of New York City native Irene Jondal. The ENERI DNA is as much Swedish quality as it is New York vibrancy. The two cities are as big a part of the brand as Irene herself.

ENERI reflects a sense of casual, minimal and bold design, offering everyday pieces that elevate the modern wardrobe – a continuous collection created using fine Italian fabrics with a focus on tailoring. Each stand-alone piece is meant to be effortless, a bit playful and as versatile as the woman wearing them.

Eneri Studios Swedish fashion New york

An integral part of ENERI is walking the walk when it comes to sustainability. It runs through every stage of the production cycle, from sourcing fine Italian origin fabrics that are surplus materials from large manufacturers through our reputable agents in Italy.

The manufacturing partners are located in Estonia, keeping production as local as possible to Sweden. Working in a similar fashion to Residus to achieve lowest possible eco-footprint.

Quality materials, local manufacturing, and fair working conditions are of the utmost importance to us. We strive to become increasingly sustainable by carefully considering every step in our supply chain from concept to finished product.

Amidst a series of intriguing projects we actually managed to snag some time from the immensely talented founder Irene Jondal. Make sure to visit ENERIs official website for more inspiring content and a fashion-packed store.

What is the story and vision of ENERI?

There are three words that describe ENERI. Casual, minimal and bold. Every garment I design embodies those words in one way or another – clean lines and neutral color stories, high natural fiber content textiles and experimenting with exaggerated proportions but still maintaining a subtle sense of playfulness.

I love the minimalism and casual elegance of Scandinavian design but I wanted to disrupt this a bit by creating a brand that merges it with the eclectic vibrancy of New York City. I create statement pieces for everyday wear that complement the modern essentials wardrobe. For instance, the standout blouse you can wear with your favorite jeans.

I would like ENERI to be the go-to brand for those who want to dress a bit more adventurous and bold but still feel comfortable going about her day. For those who want something different and high-quality at an accessible price point.

What are your core values? 

ENERI has three core values.

Firstly, to create high-quality collections at a more accessible price point by selling directly to the consumer and eliminating the middle-man retail markup. I believe there should be more options for beautiful, well designed and high-quality clothing at a fairer price point.

Secondly, to maintain a sustainable and ethical business – I source surplus/excess leftover textiles of European origin. We avoid contributing to the new production of fabric which significantly offsets our carbon footprint. ENERI is produced in Estonia, keeping production as local as possible. Our production partners are carefully selected and provide fair working conditions with high ethical standards.

I’m very fortunate to work alongside a great team of women that help me develop and produce my collections. Every step in my supply chain is carefully considered and becoming increasingly sustainable is always a goal. So far I think we’re off to a great start!

Thirdly, to create seasonless collections that are easy to wear and versatile. Clothing women want to wear that will make them stand out, pieces they can combine with their existing essentials wardrobe season after season and hold onto for many years. We produce in small limited edition runs in a slow and methodical way, one to two styles at a time.

ENERI has a great journey told on your website, what is your story? How did you end up at ENERI and what is your drive?

I am a native New Yorker living in Stockholm since 2014. My husband is Swedish and we decided it would be best for our son who was 2 years old at the time, to raise him in Sweden. It’s been amazing for our family and has also given me the opportunity to start my business.

I am mainly a self-taught designer. I attended a few certificate classes at Parsons in NYC and learned the basics from concept to finished garment but almost everything I know I’ve learned on my own. I owned a fashion label in NYC between 2009-2012 which failed but it was a great learning experience and I’m so grateful for it, I’m so much better for it.

I was very naive and had to learn quickly about the business side of things. I was good at design but clueless about what it took to run a business. That failure made me smarter, sharper & stronger in business, I am still learning and that will never change.

I always knew that if I failed I would just start again, figure out what went wrong and try not to make the same mistakes. Naturally, starting a new label was always going to happen for me. I made sure to think about what kind of business I wanted and it took 2 years of planning and really getting down to the details before I launched in November 2016.

I’m extremely passionate about design a perfectionist when it comes to my company. The love of design and creating garments is what drives me. To imagine something and know exactly what you want and then taking those steps towards a physical product is such an amazing process. There is nothing else I would want to do.

What is happening at ENERI right now, what can we expect from you in the near future?

A few exciting things are in the works for ENERI. There are new releases on our website each month. I am currently developing a new collection for Spring 2018. I am working on a really exciting project for ENERI but I will keep that one to myself for now.

I’m honored to be one of the brands that have been included in the new Tictail F/W 2017 Lookbook coming out later this month. Their past lookbooks are so cool so this is very exciting for us! We are also participating at the Galleriques Designmarknad in September at A house in Stockholm.

What does “Swedish Quality” and “Swedish fashion” mean to you?

To me, Swedish Quality and Swedish fashion mean effortless, long-lasting, versatile and cool.

Thank you, Irene!

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