London-based Swede Louise Körner made a splash on the Swedish fashion scene in 2016 with her collection Scandi Jungle, inspired by the Scandinavian forest industry. Scandi Jungle showed the world what Louise is all about and what unique carvings she will dress the most fashionable women of Europe in for years to come. In the same year, she appeared on Swedish Fashion Talents’ show during the SS17 fashion week.

swedish fashion talents 2016 louise korner prints design

Digital Decay, Louise’s SS17 collection, requires little more than a single glance to show the observer just how unique this young designer is. Balanced prints and perfect silhouettes for the wearer is what dazzled the Swedish fashion clique so much that Louise was awarded the title of Swedish Fashion Talent of the Year 2016, by the Swedish Fashion Council.

Digital Decay, much like Scandi Jungle, is like a mirror turned at the Swedish soul showing us exactly what our hearts desire, but with added details that we did not even know we wanted. Louise’s designs perfectly capture the fashion imagery that we are so accustomed to here, the sharp lines, monochrome colors and a just-right mix of formal and casual. But then there are the details, the signature prints.

Louise’s designs carry prints that are bold, intriguing and vibrant. The Prints and minimalist Scandinavian design add up to a perfect balance of Swedish and Continental design. Imagine, if you will, the best of Filippa K and Etro, a mix that will have us craving for more of Louise Körner for years to come.

As Louise Körner celebrate her 5-year anniversary, she returned to Sweden again, this time in commercial fashion via a pop-up store on Södermalm in Stockholm. We managed to steal some of her time to talk more about her background, vision, and inspirations.

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When and how did you realize/decide that you wanted to be a designer?

When I was younger I couldn’t pinpoint out what I wanted to specialize in when it came to art and design which is why I decided to study Foundation in Art & Design at Central Saint Martin in London. I actually thought I was going to study architecture or product design. However, they said that my strength was in fashion & fashion prints based on my portfolio, and that’s how I got into fashion design!

What is the first thing you designed?

When I was a child I actually loved using white bed sheets to twist around my body to create these long trail ”gala dresses” in front of the mirror. But my first proper design piece was when I recreated a men’s tailored jacket into a pair of women’s trousers.

For whom do you design clothes?

I design for a lady that wants to wear something different but that she can still combine with her own wardrobe. Garments can be either daring or more discreet and are perfect to wear for the season’s festivities and also excellent to wear to work. Elegant and minimalist silhouettes make the pieces very wearable and fabrics are easy to handle, so therefore no need to pay for expensive dry cleaning.

The styles are produced in very limited quantities so the customer feels special in their limited edition piece. Additionally, if a style is sold out we have the opportunity to produce the style for the customer which means our production is based on customers demand.

Who´s the designer you admire the most and why?

I have admired Hussein Chalayan from a very young age just because of his incredible sophisticated and engineerical way of designing. My admiration grew even stronger when I was working for him on his collaboration lines with sports brand PUMA.

What is the story of your collection, Digital Decay?

The “Digital Decay” Collection inspirational source comes from the contrast between the real human world and the digital realm: What impact has the Internet on mankind.

Today we can create your own reality by building our individual world in the digital landscape. Therefore, by making use of a living organic form and place it in a digital space, to weave together two worlds to create something new; we change a code. A reflective organic glass cube, in different scales, twisted and computerized forms the base of SS/17 prints.

These prints stand in contrast to the structured digital world in being specifically reworked to be soft and feminine for the female body. The garments names like Jpeg Top, GIF Blouse, and Pixel Dress connects the two worlds together and reinforces the collection’s concept and make it more consistent and complete.

How does your international background and London base affect your design?

Since I have been living abroad my whole life, my interest in traveling, new cultures and meeting new people has always been very strong. I am a very observant person so I think I unconsciously absorb a lot around me, which is visually seen in my designs. ‘

People say that my designs have the Scandinavian minimalistic touch in their silhouettes but then that non-Scandinavian boldness that shines through in the prints.

What does Swedish Quality fashion mean to you?

The first thoughts that hit my mind when I hear Swedish Quality is: high standard, high quality, and environmental consciousness. I am honored to be a part of this interview, and featured on Swedish Quality!

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