Swedish craftsmanship is less covered than the quality of timeless design or strong brands. That is why we feature VERK, a soon-to-be-launched (June 2017) design studio specialized in minimalist watches with elegant faces and with special attention paid to craftsmanship. VERK describe themselves as a passionate design studio from Sweden. A studio with a certain focus on sustainable and high quality materials. Mirroring Swedish poetry through their design process their products echo simple beauty whilst retaining character and distinction.

Following is a feature interview of Ben over at VERK. We hope to make this one of many collaborations where we explore Swedish craftsmanship together.
Enjoy the read!

Tell me a little about the brand. What are your core values?

Each VERK piece is to be a testament to the most important lessons drawn from decades of minimalist Scandinavian design. We are obsessed with the marriage of simplicity and function when it comes to the products we use and the things we wear, and we simply could not find a watch at this price point that we felt would fill that criteria. We strongly feel that anybody that comes into contact with a VERK timepiece will almost instantly understand the underlying quality in craftsmanship and effort taken to produce it.

The word “VERK” is a Swedish term that refers to the end result of someones efforts. It is a reference to an obsessive approach to quality construction and design, resulting in what we believe is a very special end product. Like everything else surrounding the product, the name emanates from our values surrounding quality.

What makes VERK stand out from other brands?

One of our mottos through the design and manufacturing process has been that details more than matter – they matter more than anything else. Above all, a VERK product experience is about an incredibly careful attention paid to details that not only involve the watch itself but all surrounding pieces such as straps, packaging and manuals. Every single thing adds to the entire experience.

How do you feel about the launch in June? What have been some of the challenges so far?

We are very confident, excited and scared (at the same time, strange as it may sound). So far the reception has been amazing, and we are working day and night to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. We are huge perfectionists so reaching a final design that we (as two co-founders) both agreed on was a very long and painful journey. But the greatest challenge has been sourcing the very best components and craftsmanship possible whilst fighting as hard as we can to keep costs down. It´s been incredibly challenging but as we now see the end result of our work incredibly rewarding.

What does Swedish craftsmanship, quality and design mean to you?

In essence, it is the pairing of simplicity and function in a package that exudes a different type of luxury very characteristic to Scandinavia: a quiet, subtle luxury that does not need to be overpriced in order to justify it´s existence.Thank you Ben & VERK! Visit their website now or view their brand page on Swedish Quality

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