The final show of the first day of Fashion week in Stockholm SS18 was hosted by the immensely talented Naim Josefi. The show provoked looks of satisfaction among onlookers from the first get-go, as a vague piano sound filled the halls of Grand Hôtel in Stockholm.

The collection, Metamorphosis, was equal parts inspired by Kafka and science. The collection demonstrated the birth of a dress and its parallels with the transformation undergone by a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. The collection, however, missed the part where a butterfly spreads its wings and lets all of its colors shine through – rather it fully demonstrated the turning of a psychosis. A metamorphosis from sanity to insanity. Insanity meant in all the right ways. The final looks were the finest of Swedish quality fashion – bold design, clean cuts, and desaturated colors.

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“The naivety of the music, playfulness and designer’s thoughts of coutoure and science shine the brightest through the synthetic materials and daring designs”

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“Typical Scandinavian neatness and structure”

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