Residus helps us, as conscious consumers, to take a stand in favor of eco-friendly consumption, without compromising style or quality.  Aiming for a zero-waste fabrics usage through circular fashion production. Most parts of Residus’ collections are limited edition dresses based on left-over fabrics. With European production in the sustainable GOTS factory in Portugal for a European market Residus goes the extra mile to provide us with top quality sustainable fashion. It’s season-less garments that will work from day to night, and night to day.

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Founders Elin Mohlander and Eva-Lena Jonsson started in 2016 with the idea to produce dresses in a sustainable way that contributes to positive change. The dresses are as unique as the design process behind them. It starts with the fabrics, matched with the models and carefully caressed to create a flattering cut and draping, enhancing the female forms. Residus is a driving factor of both Swedish design and sustainable production and consumption, similar to brands like L’HOMME ROUGE and Filippa K.

We managed to steal some of the founder and CEO, Elin Mohlander’s, time to talk more about the philosophy and goals.

Enjoy, and please visit Residus Official for more!

Residus white black

What is the story and vision of Residus?

Circular fashion for a conscience woman. Sophisticated and feminine fashion for the modern woman who believes she can make a difference. Based on real needs and real experience, Residus offers dresses for the challenges of modern life. We create essential pieces from leftover fabrics, easy to combine and long-lasting in both style and quality. By doing so we will help women, on the move, to look fashionable and feel comfortable whatever the situation and with a conscious mind. With that sustainable mind-set, the customer has the opportunity and luxury to choose a better way of consuming.

What are your core values?

Style – Aesthetic, Creative, Passionate

Change – Forward thinking, perceptive, modern

Quality – Demanding, Responsible, respectful

Residus has a great journey told on your website, what is your story? How did you end up at Residus and what is your drive?

As a big advocate for women’s rights and environmental issues we sat down one day and asked ourselves; What, with our experience in the fashion industry, can we do to help the world move in the right direction. Even if it’s just for a fraction we should be able to contribute in some way. We then came up with the idea behind Residus, which is to use leftover fabrics in a sustainable way. We set into motion in early 2016 and in late April 2017 we launched our first collection, both online but also in some premium stores in Sweden.

What is happening at Residus right now, what can we expect from you in the near future?

At the moment, we are finalizing the next collection, we just came back from a sourcing trip in Portugal. The process is a bit different than usual since we design after we have sourced the material. We are very dependent on what kind of fabric we can get a hold of, so this process is extremely important to us. When we first started, we sent out enquires to over 500 factories which resulted in zero response. It wasn’t until we specified our idea in detail that we started to hear back.
We decided to start with three factories in Portugal, Romania and China but we are still looking for more in order to increase our business further. For example, the reason why we chose the factory in Portugal was because of their high-quality Jersey material but also because they were GOTS certified. It obviously also helped that we connected early on, for example we do our final garment changes together with their pattern maker. It’s a lot of fun and a very creative process.

What does “Swedish Quality” and “Swedish fashion” mean to you?

It means to us that it is a long-lasting and timeless design and quality. A thought and a purpose behind every piece we make.

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