SootSTHLM is a minimalistic slow fashion concept focusing on slowing down… Moving away from fast and cheap, treasuring quality over quantity and believe in acknowledging every person involved in the production of their clothes. Fibers and fabric sourced with utmost care and thought. They give their customers classic, timeless pieces for the sustainable wardrobe. 

In 2016 SootSTHLM was launched as a complement to their tights at LEGNOLOGY. With the same philosophy as they have always worked after, that the better the make, the longer it lasts and the less we throw.

The long-lasting goal is to dress women and make them feel good inside-out while making sure we leave the smallest footprint possible on our planet. 


A mother and daughter duo who in the summer of 2012 started the hight quality hosiery brand Legnology. Tights and leggings where quality, fit and comfort is key, always working with the environment in mind. With no further ado, let us hear from SootSTHLM.

– What is the story and vision of SootSTHLM?

We are two women that come from a long background in the big corporate fashion industry, buying and production and we basically just got sick and tired of the mass-produced trends in cheap materials and poor making excluding a certain size & body shape where half of it ends up on the sales rack after one season. If we can’t stand behind what we are doing we don’t sleep good at night.

At SootSTHLM we strive for the complete opposite, “all you need is less” basically, and we encourage slowing down and choosing quality over quantity.

We offer our customers basic, classic favorites that can be worn all year, season through season. We will never be on sale because we will always be in fashion.

Our vision and hope is that consumers ask more questions and demand more from the fashion industry. We’re never going to stop shopping but we need to make better choices when we do.

– What are your core values?

To be transparent as a company and dare to say no thank you if producers and suppliers don’t share the same values as us. And that goes for everything regarding production and the people.

To be inclusive and empower women To not give in when it comes to our environmental standards. If it’s not up to part, you won’t see our name on it.

– Who is SootSTHLM for?

Any woman that appreciates quality in the details.

Our styles work for so many types of women, whether you work in an office or you’re at the playground with your kids. They can be pimped up or let loose. Our clothes are like a blank canvas, ready for you to put your own twist on.

– What is happening at SootSTHLM right now, what can we expect from you in the near future?

We’re constantly on the go and just ended a 2-week pop-up store at HoBo hotel in Stockholm, which was awesome! Currently, we’re working on a new “secret” project with like-minded Swedish brands. So stay tuned for that!

We also run our hosiery brand Legnology, so both our brands are kind of intertwined in anything we do so next up is to speak at a Nordic Choice seminar about hosiery production and sustainability in fashion and our journey from vision and idea to where we are today.

– What does “Swedish Quality” and “Swedish fashion” mean to you?

Frankly, Swedish and Scandinavian design in general has a genuine vibe to it, so Swedish quality to us, means craftsmanship, pride and to constantly improve the environmental footprint.

Read more about SootSTHLM on their website or brand page

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