The Swedish diaspora is hardly expressed through a number of Swedes spread around the world. On the contrary. There are few Swedes, plenty of Swedish ideas. Swedish fashion brands are found all around the world, from the west to the east. These 5 brands are representing Swedish fashion in Seoul. Seoul is a big city. And just like any big city, a little inside knowledge goes a long way. If you want to experience Seoul and in Swedish style, then these are the must-go places.

The fast-cash crazed youth of the 80’s labeled New York ‘the city that never sleeps’. But the modern urbanistas look to the east and Seoul, the city that never settles. Seoulites are always obsessed with the latest of everything, and Swedish brands are right in touch with this.

Without further ado, here is a guide to five of the most intriguing Swedish fashion brands in Seoul right now.

swedish fashion brand acne studios gangnam Sophie Hicks

ACNE Flagship Store, Gangnam, Seoul
79-7 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, Korea

Come for the architecture and interior design, stay for the fashion. Located in the affluent district of Gangnam, the 230-square-metre store is the third in the country for the Swedish fashion brand.

Hicks, of S H Architects, drew upon Acne’s aversion to typical Swedish culture as a point of inspiration for the design. “Swedish culture prizes modesty and discretion,” said Hicks. “By contrast, Acne Studios’ designs are forceful and exude attitude.”

The Gangnam district is a popular destination for luxury fashion brands to open their Korean flagship stores.

For more pictures of the incredible flagship store representing Swedish fashion in Seoul, see this article from High Snobiety.

swedish fashion brand cos cheongdam

COS Cheonghdam, Gangnam, Seoul
418, Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, Korea

Not far from ACNE Studio’s flagship store is another Swedish fashion stalwart’s. COS first came to Seoul when Lotte World Mall in Jamsil opened. Following that, they opened their second branch at Times Square in Yeongdeungpo and later at a department store in Pangyo, Bundang. Despite the growing number of stores, the number of places where you can buy COS hasn’t caught up with how much recognition the brand has been garnering for both their own brand and Swedish fashion in Seoul.

COS has gone a long way to reinterpret the building to fit their brand motto: “timeless”. The store is simple and sleek, built in natural materials for your comfort. COS regularly host art and fashion events that will make you long for the next one. Art and fashion go hand in hand with architecture in one of the most notable events to this date, where COS filled a room of swirling glass marbles. Keep your eyes peeled for more amazing events.

The Gangnam district is a popular destination for luxury fashion brands to open their Korean flagship stores. Find more COS stores in South Korea.

swedish fashion brand jlindeberg shinsegae

J. Lindeberg, Shinsegae Department store, Jung-Gu, Seoul
52-50 Chungmuro 1ga, Jung-Gu
Seoul, Korea

Located in the heart of Seoul, Jung-gu is an area with a variety of old and new. It is a center of modernity, where facilities such as department stores and shopping malls are clustered together, and also a center of tradition.

While J.Lindeberg don’t have their own flagship store in Seoul they have a prominent space in the Shinsegae Department Store in Jung-Gu. Over the past 80 years, Shinsegae has been leading the affluent living culture of Korea by ceaselessly striving to advance in the distribution industry.

Nudie Jeans, Shinsegae Department store, Jung-Gu, Seoul
52-50 Chungmuro 1ga, Jung-Gu
Seoul, Korea

Come for J Lindeberg, stay for Nudie. Or the other way around, whichever you wish. Shinsegae Dept. store has become a great place to discover Swedish fashion in Seoul.

H&M Flagship store, Jung-gu, Seoul
83-5 Myungdong 2-Ga, NOON SQUARE
Seoul, Korea

Swedish fashion giant H&M opened its first flagship store in Myeong-dong’s Noon Square; where many similar popular high-street stores, such as SPAO, Zara, Forever 21, Mango and Uniqlo, are already established, in 2010. in the same area.

The brand is hugely popular among young consumers around the world for their frequent collaborations with high-end designers and celebrities. The list includes Comme Des Garcons, Roberto Cavalli, Stella McCartney, Kate Moss and Madonna, to name a few.

The building is a sight in itself. An eye-catching, iconic destination stores representing the global mindset of the brand. After launching in Asia, the design proved so successful, that it was established as H&M’s global identity and applied to stores worldwide. Read more on Universal Design Studio’s website.


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