L’HOMME ROUGE wins the International Woolmark Prize European final. This marks the first time a Swedish brand makes it all the way to the international final.

The International Woolmark Prize celebrates outstanding fashion talents from around the globe who showcase the beauty and versatility of Merino wool. It is the world’s most prestigious award for rising fashion stars.

L’HOMME ROUGE pay homage to their hometown Gothenburg in their winning look. Lead designer Jonatan Härngrens design is inspired by the marine life on the Swedish west coast. The winning look is a unique interpretation of wool in a modern urban environment mixed with the unique woven details of the dock fashion. The outfit hoists water-resistant and wrinkle-free materials, making it as functional as it is fashionable.

“For me, L’HOMME ROUGE’s buttoned-down shirt re-interpreted in 100% Merino wool and the subtle wrinkling effect that made the fabric look like the wrinkling of a ships sale made the entire concept well thought through and cohesive and it was executed beautifully,” explains Tamu McPherson.

“There were so many talented designers involved in the prize; we are really thankful to The Woolmark Company and the support of the award, it was a big deal to come here to Italy and to present to such an established panel and we are delighted to have won,” said John-Ruben Holtback, CEO of L’HOMME ROUGE.

Read the full article on the Woolmark Prize website.

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