The gym bag, or jumpapåse, is an integral part of any Swede’s childhood memories. It can not, will not, be forgotten. On the day of gym class boys would twirl around to make sure their bags smacked their friends’ bums and girls would make sure to add an extra skip to their steps — so that the bag would jump up and down.

No matter what feelings you have towards gym class, your feelings towards the gym bags are sure to be fond. Yourjumpa was started by Gustav and Malin of differing, but complimentary, backgrounds. They have taken the classic gym bag and turned it into a beautiful accessory fit for any urban citizen, conscious consumer or nature lover.

yourjumpa swedish brand inspiration natureAs Yourjumpa launched in June we made sure to give them some space to meet demands — only to then steal some attention to talk about the launch and the concept behind the brand. Read some of Gustav and Malin’s thoughts on sustainability, nature and launching a brand. And then make sure to visit Yourjumpas official website.

You recently launched your brand and new products. What has the job entailed thus far?

Design and product development has been our main focal point for the past couple of months. It has been a close relationship with the fabricator to make sure that the design feels completed, and like something we can be proud of.

Special attention was paid to details such as thickness and features of the material and looks. Our vision is to work in entirely eco-friendly and recycled materials.

We are looking to release new and inspiring models inspired by Scandinavia and its environment.

What is the origin of Yourjumpa?

It started with an interest for the ever-present product of our youth: The gym bag. It is a smart product with enormous development potential. We felt like it, coupled with qualitative materials and a story, had some traction as a concept.

Yourjumpa is an outlet for our interest in nature, a project where we can spread the word about the value of nature. Which is why we start off with Scandinavian nature at heart. All of our visuals and designs are inspired by nature.

Closely related to this is the aspect of sustainability, always mirrored by nature.

yourjumpa gym bag rough material brown colorDescribe your products and what makes them unique

Our gym bags are a fresh take – and celebration of – on the classic cgym bag, that we all cherish. It is more durable and serviceable, by all means. The dimensions are adjusted to make it thicker and the handmade quality gives it more of a backpack- than bag-feel.

You will notice that the materials do not feel far removed from nature, in texture, color or feel. Rather, we are inspired by the surface of the earth.

What are you working on now?

Our focus lies with spreading our ideas about both the brand and the concept. We love what we are working with at this point and spend time out in nature to collect new impressions.

What does Swedish Quality mean to you?

Swedish Quality means keeping up with sustainability and quality throughout the whole production process, materials and working with a long-term perspective. In addition to sleek design and simplicity, with a high level of personality and attention to details.

Thanks, Gustav and Malin at Yourjumpa!
Visit Yourjumpas website.


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